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About us

Supermood® is a unique Finnish skincare and wellness brand that artfully combines effective, natural ingredients in beauty products designed for both external and internal use. Unlike conventional approaches based on age or skin type categorization, Supermood® takes a holistic approach to beauty care. Our product lines are designed to address specific needs, whether it's boosting self-confidence, achieving a refreshed appearance, or attaining a radiant glow. Our ecosystem of products works together synergistically to harmonize both physical and inner well-being.



Most of us are accustomed to selecting skincare products based on skin type or age, but at Supermood, we approach the task from a fresh perspective. We know that true beauty comes from within, so each of our products is tailored to correspond to your specific needs.

When you need to shine at your brightest, Egoboost can give your confidence the perfect boost by tightening your skin quickly and noticeably. Beauty sleep is not just for princesses. When you use Beauty Sleep products before bedtime, you wake up looking seemingly well-rested and radiant in the morning. Youth Glo is the ideal solution for those moments when your skin needs a little help to achieve that youthful glow that you know is still bubbling inside you.

Together, the three product lines form an ecosystem where all the products complement each other, balancing both physical and emotional well-being. With Supermood® products, you'll always feel and look your best, no matter what mood you are in.